Bandung, also well known as the city of flowers, capital city of West Java with approximately more than 2,5 billions population, located in 750 m above the sea surface, Bandung is the third biggest cities in Indonesia and it also tropical city surrounded by volcano mountains, some of them are still active until now which is make them as one of the tourist attractions from this city that is very well known in culinary delicacies, from the fanciest restaurants until the street food that you don’t want to missed it, you can get all of these things in Bandung with fair price. Bandung is also famous on its delicious and uniquely different kinds of culinary that you can get only in this city. Special public transportation in Bandung is called Angkot, it comes in different colors to indicate the desired destination, feel the city tour experience by taking Ojeg or two-wheeled taxi.

Sundanese is a major population in Bandung, Sundanese language, which is has uniquely characteristic is used to communicate to each other in their daily life. Most of The Sundanese people are soft-spoken and they never use harsh language to everyone. Bandung also well known as a creative city marked with many independent clothing companies, factory outlets, indie gigs and food trucks that available and fully supported by the city government. For shopaholics, Bandung is the perfect place to shop tourism because it provides many shopping choices from branded import until well quality local products, all of these sold in competitive price. Some of mall and stores held midnight sales that invited all of the shopaholic to spend their weekend. As a fashion trendsetter in Indonesia, Bandung is called Paris Van Java.

Walked out of the crowd, you will see mountain scenery and tea plantation surrounding Bandung, it is a perfect place to free your mind for a while and relaxed. White Crater and Tangkuban Perahu are the main tourist destination in Bandung, there are also many places to visit such as Floating Market Lembang, Dusun Bambu, Ciater Hot Spring and Situ Patenggang, you can arrived in those destination in just few hours from Bandung. The latest destination in Bandung is Trans Studio Bandung, this is the biggest indoor theme park that provides 20 varieties of rides for family, start with high speed roller coaster called Extreme Rides until suitable rides for children, also many spectacular entertainment event.

In addition to Explore Bandung tour package, JavaDelight Tour also offering alternative tour in Bandung such as Motortrail Tour and all Mountain cycling tour for those who love to challenge themselves, you can get all of this facilities with special prices, transport and accommodation are included and customer satisfaction is our top priority.