Car Free Day is a government program that aims to improve the health of the citizen and reduce the air pollution that has been polluted so that can reduce global warming. The best effect is given from the car free day activities is the creation of community facilities for recreation with family , hanging out […]

Puncak is a main destination for tour because its famous for cool weather and amazing scenery. It’s a weekend getaway place for many Jakarta people, who’s looking for fresh air and green environment after they tired working in the capital. Puncak is two or three hours drive from Jakarta and three to four hours drive […]

Bandung is a third largest city in Indonesia and was built 205 years ago. Many people asked, what is actually Bandung name means? Is it name of a person? Or is it a name of a legend in a traditional fairy tale? Well, based on the philosophy of Sundanese people, as a majority tribe who […]