This restaurant serves oxtail soup as a special menu. Combined with variation of soft gravy or fried sop buntut. Fried Sop Buntut is a new variation of fried lamb/cow tail, cooked with various ingredients and served dry, while the broth soup served on separate bowl. The soup made from cow broth including slices of carrot and potato. Beside sop buntut, gado-gado and fried chicken can […]

Surabi is Indonesian pancake that is made from rice flour with coconut milk or just plain shredded coconut as an emulsifier. Most of traditional serabi tastes sweet, as the pancake usually eaten with kinca or thick golden-brownish colored coconut sugar syrup. However another savoury version also existed that uses oncom toppings. Di kedai Surabi Enhaii, makanan ini dipadukan dengan topping modern seperti keju, […]

Sambel Hejo Natuna restaurant is a Sudanese cuisine restaurant that serves special cuisines from Sunda Land. The special menu is a fried chicken, because it has specialty itself. The chicken fried with a fresh way and not too crisp or dry like ordinary fried chicken. The fried chicken has a greenycolor so some people called it green chicken. With soft and tasty […]

Trademark of Bandung cuisine with mackerel fish as a main ingredient combined with soft tofu then fried well done. Served with bean sauce and sweet soy sauce. BatagorKingsley are very well-known by Bandung culinary enthusiast, especially on the weekend the stall will fully filled with tourist from Jakarta

There are several stall in Banceuy that served various soup menu such us Meat, feet, tongue, cartilage from lamb. The broth gravy contained various spices so can warmed the customer. It’s very suitable to enjoy at the night especially on cold rainy night.

You can get the best Straberry juice in Bandung here. Beside,there is unique Mie Bakso because its combined with chicken floss and ceker ayam (Feet/claw of chicken). Another juice and blackberry juice also served here.

If you are a duck cuisine enthusiast, Bebek Kaleyo is a best place to enjoy it. With favorite menus such as Duck with kremes, grilled duck, and green chilly duck served with secret Kaleyo’s sambal or Manggo Sambal will be satisfy your taste. The excellences of this restaurant are fast serving and large spot.

Starts from street stall in 2003, now this restaurant are very famous with the grilled or fried fish and combined with very sting hot Tyson Sambal. Beside, dishes such as tofu sapo and another seafood dishes is a best menu from this restaurant.

This Stall of Bakso (Meatball) served several variation of Bakso such as Bakso Urat (Vessels Meatball), Bakso Keju(Cheese meatball), and Bakso Pedas (Spicy Meatball) that are combined with noodle or vermicelli on your taste. To satisfy your thirsty, you can try ‘Es Durian Kesepian (Lonely Durian Ice)’ which is the favorite menu.

Sundanese Cuisine, the trademark of West Java dishes served in Sambara Restaurant. A combination of traditional cuisine and clean modern restaurant atmosphere. Don’t ask the taste, because Sambara have its expert on this. Serving several variations of fried chickens such as lemongrass chicken, grilled chicken with honey, green chilly chicken, also grilled or fried Gurame (fresh water fish) which has known very […]