A concept to unite several famous street foods in Bandung on one cleans area and has a kept standard taste. Some branch has opened and always fulfilled by customer, especially on meals time. Variation of street foods menu such as Mie Kocok, Lontong Kari Kebon Karet, Si Jangkung Barbecued Ribs (Iga Bakar Si Jangkung), Hadori Satay and BogarasaFried Rice (Nasi Goreng Bogarasa) makes culinary lover have no boring feeling to come to […]

From many martabak stands in Bandung, Martabak Canada is one of the best. Exist from 80’s, the taste of sweet martabak combined with cheese or nut chocolate makes customer always filled the stall from afternoon until night. Now, there’s new menus such as Thin Martabak and Toblerone Martabak.

Legendary restaurant located in the heat of Bandung City. This restaurant established since colonial era also well-known by homemade ice cream and pastry. The restaurant has European interior style also has Indonesian special menus such as Fried Rice, Soto, and Curry with Lontong or ‘LontongKari’ also has several western menus make this restaurant famous and has regular customers. Very […]