Jakarta’s Old Town (Batavia) is an area located on North Jakarta which is Dutch colonization inheritance from 17th century. You can enjoy the architecture of old buildings with Old Dutch and European style. Nowadays, some of buildings become museum, like Fatahilah Museum, Wayang Museum (Wayang; Indonesian Traditional Puppet), Bank Mandiri & Bank Indonesia Museum and […]

This is one of favorite shopping area in Jakarta. Located in north of Capitol City, Jakarta, exactly on Mangga Dua Raya Street, a centre of business area Manngga Dua, is a place where you can buy various items like electronics, clothing, souvenirs, garments or fabrics, foods and automotive goods. There are several buildings along Mangga […]

Visiting Jakarta is not complete if you don’t stop at this place. Tanah Abang located in central Jakarta; it’s the biggest textile market in South Asia. Tanah Abang Market place is a center of textile trading to some regions in Indonesia, Asia, also around the world. Tanah Abang Market is a combination between traditional and […]

Sunda Kelapa, is a historical place on mouth of Ciliwung river. It’s a forerunner of Jakarta city. Take a time to visit this historical harbor from the 12th century is a unique experience also worthwhile. You can walk on a chronicle by walk around the harbor, visiting Bahari Museum which showed the past of maritime […]

Ancol Dreamland is an tourism area located on shore area on North Jakarta. Ancol Dreamland provide you several choices of tourism entertaining services such as Dunia Fantasi Theme Park, Atlantis Water Adventure, Putri Duyung Cottage, Ancol Golf, Ancol Sky Lift, Bowling and much more entertainment. Some of big events were held in Ancol, for example; […]

Istiqlal Mosque is a national mosque of Indonesia, located in Central Jakarta. Istiqlal Mosque. Istiqlal is the biggest mosque in South Asia and open for public on 1978. The construction of this mosque was initiated by the first president of Indonesia, Ir. Soekarno. This mosque can accommodate more than two hundred people. Beside for Moslem […]

This museum is a very first and biggest museum in South Asia, established on 1778. Gajah Museum is collecting so many ancient items all around the archipelago. You can find ancient statues, inscription, and many other ancient items also arts. These collections are categorized into bronze ethnography, prehistoric, ceramics, textile, numismatic, historical relic and valuables. […]

A monument with height around 132 Meter located on Central of Jakarta. This is a national monument of the Republic of Indonesia, was built to memorize the fight of people of Indonesia in order to reach their freedom. On the top of monument, you can see a flame covered by 35 kg of gold to […]

Indonesia Miniature Park or Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, is a 100 acre area of land to see and learn about various traditional cultures around Indonesia with traditional houses, dances, documenters, and the others. You can admire the beautifully carved Rumah Gadang of Minangkabau, the Toraja Tongkonan to the Dayak Longhouses from Kalimantan and the megalithic […]