A monument with height around 132 Meter located on Central of Jakarta. This is a national monument of the Republic of Indonesia, was built to memorize the fight of people of Indonesia in order to reach their freedom. On the top of monument, you can see a flame covered by 35 kg of gold to […]

Indonesia Miniature Park or Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, is a 100 acre area of land to see and learn about various traditional cultures around Indonesia with traditional houses, dances, documenters, and the others. You can admire the beautifully carved Rumah Gadang of Minangkabau, the Toraja Tongkonan to the Dayak Longhouses from Kalimantan and the megalithic […]

Location : Bandung, West Java Bosscha Observatory is the oldest observatory in Indonesia. The observatory is located in Lembang, West Java, approximately 15 kilometers (9.3 mi) north of Bandung. The observatory is named after the tea plantation owner Karel Albert Rudolf Bosscha, son of the physicist Johannes Bosscha and a major force in the development of […]

Location : Bandung, West Java On the slopes of Dago Hills, not far from the city center, a unique artspace offers arts and cultural activities to the whole community. Constructed over four years (1993-1997) by Sunaryo and BaskoroTedjo, Selasar Sunaryo Art Space has been open to the public since September 1998. The term ‘selasar’ meaning […]

Location : Bandung, West Java The museum was named MUSEUM OF THE ASIAN-AFRICAN CONFERENCE, in order to memorize the venue of the Asian-African Conference that became the source of inspiration and motivation for the Asian African nations. The Asian-African Conference held in Bandung on 18 – 24 April 1955 became a very important event in […]

Location : Bandung, West Java The museum has a large collection of fossils, of which about 6000 are on display and the other 250.000 are kept in a safe. The research department is still very much active and next to documentation, and exhibition, geologists specialising in fosils, stones, minerals and volcanoes reside in the top […]

Location : Bandung, West Java This museum was built to preserve the long history of West Java, starting from the prehistoric era including the land’s geological history. Run by the provincial administration, the museum has a collection of historical objects that mostly describe life in earlier periods of the region’s Sundanese community. It houses exhibits […]

Location : Bandung, West Java TRANS STUDIO BANDUNG THEME PARK is the second indoor theme park in Indonesia after Makassar. Trans Studio Bandung is much more spectacular and exciting than Trans Studio Makassar, but both have their own uniqueness that makes Trans Studio Bandung not only the biggest in Indonesia but also one of the […]

Location : Bandung, West Java Patenggang Lake is a lake located in the area of natural tourist attractions in the southern Bandung city, West Java, Indonesia, to be exact it is in Ciwidey village. Located at an altitude of 1600 meters above sea level, this lake has a very exotic landscape. The eastern side of […]

Location : Bandung, West Java Jalan Cihampelas located in the northern section of Bandung Indonesia is referred to as ‘Jean Street’ as it is lined with factory outlet stores selling a range of jeans, t-shirts and clothing. The attraction lies in the huge statues of all-time favourite moviestars that adorn the fronts of the shops. […]