This is one of favorite shopping area in Jakarta. Located in north of Capitol City, Jakarta, exactly on Mangga Dua Raya Street, a centre of business area Manngga Dua, is a place where you can buy various items like electronics, clothing, souvenirs, garments or fabrics, foods and automotive goods. There are several buildings along Mangga Dua Raya Street such as Mall, International Trade Centre (ITC), hotel, and apartment. Mangga Dua now accompanies The Triangle Gold Area of Jakarta (Sudirman-Thamrin-Gatot Subroto) as a central business in Jakarta. In Mangga Dua you can find multi-ethnic people mixed on transaction with full of spirit. Sometimes, you will hear conversation betweet seller and buyer with Malay, Chinese, and Arabic. So, the technique of your language are needed to do a great bargain.