Sambel Hejo Natuna restaurant is a Sudanese cuisine restaurant that serves special cuisines from Sunda Land. The special menu is a fried chicken, because it has specialty itself. The chicken fried with a fresh way and not too crisp or dry like ordinary fried chicken. The fried chicken has a greenycolor so some people called it green chicken.

With soft and tasty fried chicken as a main menu also served with their special sambel hejo. There are other exciting menus that become a specialty of the restaurant. For example is Cimplung which is very nice to enjoy with the sambel hejo(Green Sambal), especially if you enjoy it while it’s hot. The other menus are Pepes tahu (Steamed Tofu), pepes teri(steamed, anchovies fish), pepes usus (Steamed gut), pepesikan mas (steamed fresh water fish), corn fritters, sayur asem, sop buntut, karedok, pencok leunca, pencok string beans, atiampela, baby fresh water fish, gepuk, tripe and gut, Parkia/petai jambal, and fresh drink and beverages.