Location : Bandung, West Java

On the slopes of Dago Hills, not far from the city center, a unique artspace offers arts and cultural activities to the whole community. Constructed over four years (1993-1997) by Sunaryo and BaskoroTedjo, Selasar Sunaryo Art Space has been open to the public since September 1998. The term ‘selasar’ meaning ‘verandah’, reflects the design concept, an open space that welcomes all who wish to experience art in this unique setting. The creation of the Artspace has been Sunaryo’s longstanding dream, a masterpiece dedicated to the art world and community.

An outdoor terrace coffee shop overlooking the cool mountains and hills of the old Legend of Bandung “Paris Van Java”. Conveniently serving exquisite fresh coffee specialties along with meals and snacks, Kopi Selasar offers a relaxing ambiance and an escape from the tiring fast-lane of city-living. Kick back, unwind under the fig trees and watch a stunning sunset over the city of Bandung. Arguably the best place in Bandung¬†to catch up, hold a meeting, or just check your email.
Opening hours : 10am-5pm