Sunda Kelapa, is a historical place on mouth of Ciliwung river. It’s a forerunner of Jakarta city. Take a time to visit this historical harbor from the 12th century is a unique experience also worthwhile. You can walk on a chronicle by walk around the harbor, visiting Bahari Museum which showed the past of maritime world on Indonesia, and Dutch colonization heritage. You can go to the south of harbor to see VOC ship and VOC renovated building.

You can also visiting the historical Kampung Luar Batang (Luar Batang Village) near the harbor. It was like a customs for years ago, a location to inspection of goods prior to entering Sunda Kelapa. Favorite times to visit Sunda Kelapa are at Morning or afternoon because the view of the wooden ships and a clear sky is a perfect match to memorize your moment ina photo. Also you can capture the atmosphere of the harbor from ship docked and unloading and loading.