Bandung is a third largest city in Indonesia and was built 205 years ago. Many people asked, what is actually Bandung name means? Is it name of a person? Or is it a name of a legend in a traditional fairy tale? Well, based on the philosophy of Sundanese people, as a majority tribe who lives in Bandung since long time ago, the word Bandung derived from the phrase “Ngabandungan Banda Indung” which is a sacred and sublime sentence because it contains the high value of Sunda culture. Ngabandungan , means witness or testify. Banda is everything that is in the nature of life that is in the earth and atmosphere. Indung is the earth, also known as Mother Earth. Everything that is in the nature of life is Banda Indung such as earth, water, fire, plants, animals and humans. The sky which is beyond the atmosphere is a witness
So Bandung name has value as a philosophical nature where all living beings and inanimate objects are born and live in Mother Earth’s existence witnessed by the Almighty.
Nowadays Bandung has transformed into a major city and one of the most visited destination for tourism in Indonesia. Many types of tours are offered in Bandung such as sightseeing and shopping tour. Culinary tour also become highlight for visiting Bandung.