Wali Songo Tour is a pilgrimage to special graves for 9 persons called ‘Wali’ that taught and spread Islam on Java Island in the fifteenth century. These graves dispersed in 3 provinces ( 1 in West Java, 3 in Central Java and 5 in East Java), this tour takes 7 day, please take a note that we are not making a tight schedule in order for your comfort. Please feel free to tell us first if you have already had a travel plan and we are happy to help you to arrange suitable travel plan for you.
Through this Wali Songo graves pilgrimage tour, you can know closer about them and it can also improve your faith and knowledge to Islam in general.
Wali Songo is nine persons that taught and spread Islam in 15thcentury on Java Island.They are not live at the same time, but they have strong bond between them. Beside of taught about Islam, they are also intellectuals, the reformers for society at their time. They introduced various kinds of new civilization.

Package Overview

Destination :
– Cirebon (Sunan Gunung Jati) 1 night
– Demak (Sunan Kalijaga)
– Kudus (Sunan Kudus & Sunan Muria) 2 night
– Tuban (Sunan Bonang)
– Lamongan (Sunan Drajat)
– Gresik (Sunan Gresik & Sunan Giri) 1 night
– Surabaya (Sunan Ampel) 2 nights
– Bangkalan, Madura

Recommendation :
– Starting point from Bandung or Jakarta
– Schedule and destination will be adjusted to the situation and condition on the ground, and to your flight arrival and departure time


Day 1
The tour started with pick-up arrival at Bandung or Jakarta and go to Cirebon for 4-5 hours trip. After arrived in Cirebon, we will visit Masjid Agung Cipta Rasa that already built since 1480 first. This mosque located in front of Keraton Cirebon. After that, don’t forget to visit Masjid Merah Panjunan with its architechtures is a mixed between Hindu, Chinese and Islam. The journey continued to Sunan Gunung Jati’s grave and you can take take your time to pray Maghrib and Isya there. After that tour participants can have a dinner and rest at the hotel.

Day 2
The tour starts from Cirebon to Demak for visiting SunanKalijaga and pray in Masjid Agung Demak, one of the oldest mosque in Indonesia that built by Raden Patah, the first king of Kesultanan Demak. The journey continued to Kudus and stayed for a night there.

Day 3
Today we are going to visit two Wali’s graves that located in Kudus. Sunan Muria’s grave is the first destination located in Gunung Muria, about 45 minutes from Kudus. Sunan Muria’s grave is the only grave that located over the top of mountain. While the others member located at the shore.
After visiting Sunan Muria’s grave, tour continued to the center of Kudus city, where Sunan Kudus’s grave were located beside Masjid Menara Kudus that built in 1549 by Sunan Kudus himself. You can spend another night in here.

Day 4

Tour starts with following Pantai Utara Jawa and after arrived in Tuban you can take your time to pray in Masjid Agung Tuban and visiting Sunan Bonang’s grave. We are heading to Lamongan for visiting Sunan Drajat’s grave and continued the journey to Gresik and spend a night there.

Day 5
In the morning, we will visit Maulana Malik Ibrahim’s grave in the center of Gresik and also Sunan Giri’s grave, tour continued to Surabaya for visiting Sunan Ampel’s grave. We will stay here for two days.

Day 6
We will going to Pulau Madura by passing the longest bridge in Indonesia, ‘Jembatan Suramadu’, after arrived there,we will take our time to pray in Masjid Agung Bangkalan and visiting Kings of Bangkalan and Syekh Kholil’s grave, one of the local Islam disseminator. We are going back to Surabaya after that to visit Masjid Cheng Ho and submarine museum in the heart of Surabaya.

Day 7
Free and easy program,shopping and brought souvenirs before going to depart from Bandara Juanda Surabaya.